The Natural Sweeties Way


Our work begins where machines do not arrive

The core of our work and the one of our previous generations, has always been related with the main products of the daily shopping basket, essential to cook the most basic recipes.

A product as natural as ours must be understood. It is important to touch it, smell it and taste it.

Our eyes and hands improve in an artisanal way the solution for a completely natural product. We do not limit our intervention to the outside of our product, such as its color or its appearance. We also protect other important features, such as its taste.


Only a mesh separates our product from what you see

In Natural Sweeties, we work the product from the land. What is picked and harvested is what you see later in our packaging, in the stores and restaurants… We like to present things as they are. We neither change them, nor hide them.

We know that everything that comes from the land is not always the same. Every lot and shipment is different and weather conditions change. Nevertheless, we push ourselves to choose the best raw materials and make the best selection.

Although we know that there are easier ways to make onions, garlics and watermelons, we do not simply dedicate ourselves to it. We make Natural Sweeties.


The consumer and their needs are at the center of our system

An important part of the activity of Natural Sweeties is to understand the consumption of basic products, in their socio-cultural context, verify established schemes and propose adapted solutions, in response to nowadays needs.

Some time ago, a grain onion or a purple garlic are used for everything. Today, we create different culinary results, with the development of varieties, our adapted packaging and a communication program.


We introduce a new dimension into the kitchen: time

We all live in a world in which the quick result is more important than the way to achieve it. For that reason, little details, experiences and transparent communication are becoming increasingly and significantly important. 
Natural Sweeties Land collaborates with experts from different sectors of the horticultural and gastronomic world. Together, we study, design and offer durable solutions for our consumers, providing them more time to enjoy preparing their favourite meals and sharing this experiences with their loved ones.