Bocuse d'Or is one of the most prestigious events in the world of haute cuisine.

It is a great European exhibition, organized by great chefs and directed only to professionals of the sector. It is a dynamic, frantic event, but at the same time, it is elegant and distinguished. Receiving an award of this contest is a great recognition of the work that every chef performs day after day in his restaurant.

This contest was born in 1983, by the chef Paul Bocuse, the father of nouvelle cuisine. His style of gastronomy is distinguished by the visual elegance of the dishes created. And this, has moved to the European prize of haute cuisine.

Inside of Bocuse d´Or

For those who do not know the contest, one of its vibrant peculiarities is that the presentations of the dishes are performed live, in front of the public and the jury. The contest is celebrated during two consecutive days. Each day, around 20 chefs compete. They work on his star dish and later, the jury tastes and qualifies them.

In this contest, raw materials become the main elements, because every winning dish is based on two main selected products.


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Natural Sweeties has been present in Bocuse d’Or in recent years, providing quality products and their varieties of onions and garlics: white onion, flat onion, shallot, sweet onion, echalion, brown onion, garnish and red onion. As well as purple garlic, white garlic and black garlic.

Every day, we work to maintain that confidence and be there with the best chefs in the world.