Discover the Exotic Pleasure of the Canary Islands Papaya: A Nutritious and Refreshing Jewel

Immerse yourself in the world of exotic fruit with the delicious Papaya or Papayón de Canarias. Originally from the Tropics, this jewel of the Caricaceae plants family, known as “lechosa” in South America, captivates with its refreshing flavor and nutritional properties.

Available year-round, it’s the perfect touch for “Natural Foodies.”

Add a tropical touch to your bites, a papaya that celebrates authenticity and pure flavor. Enter the world of Natural Sweeties and let yourself be carried away by a fruit that is more than a delicacy, it is an experience.

What does Papaya taste like?

Its flavor is sweet, aromatic and pleasant, reminiscent of a mix between melon and apricot and in some varieties an aftertaste of coconut.

How to enhance its flavor?

Papaya is a perfect fruit to eat plain, although if you prefer you can add a few drops of lime or lemon to accentuate its flavor.

How to keep it fresh?

Regarding its conservation, the papaya ripens at room temperature, since the cold ends up spoiling it. But once ripe or cut, it is advisable to keep it in the fridge.

Papaya Benefits

– High content of Vitamin C

– It is a good diuretic

– Folic acid

– Antioxidant

– Improves skin health

– Take care of your digestive system


– Increases natural defenses

– Reduces sensitivity to colds

– Low in calories

– Provides Beta-carotene

– High fiber content



Planet and climate friendly

It is essential to highlight that our product has a minimal carbon footprint compared to the large contingents that are transported by plane from several locations of the world. We choose a more sustainable approach by bringing our produce by ship and truck.

Amazingly, we manage to deliver in almost the same time frame as those who opt for air freight. This eco-friendly approach not only highlights our commitment to reducing carbon emissions, but also set us as a conscious and responsible option on the market.