We introduce our Pineapple Nature, sweet nature®, a new variety of pineapple and new way to enjoy it.
Thanks to artisanal work in the plantations and a continuous traceability we prolong that the pineapple stays longer in the plant, before being hand-picking.
Our Pineapple Nature, sweet nature® clearly differs from other varieties by having a golden colour both outside and inside.

And above all its sweet taste!

The combination of years of experience, a totally artisanal work from sowing to hand-picking allows us to offer a new way of enjoying pineapple.

Ready to enjoy instantly!

And true to our philosophy of providing the consumer more time to enjoy what is really important. Time in company.


– Our pineapples Nature, sweet nature® are always collected by hand in its optimal point of maturity and sweetness, therefore the client does not need to wait for consumption. They are ready to eat.

– Our pineapple is perfect for the HORECA sector.

– Our pineapples have up to 4 times more Vitamin C than the traditional varieties.

– Thanks to its distinctive and homogeneously sweet flavour and its low level of acidity it is perfect for naturally introduce kids into the fruit’s world.

– Once the cold chain is broken, we recommend consuming our pineapples preferably before 8 days.

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Enjoy the “Nature, sweet nature” taste contrast that our pineapple gives to the recipes.