Black Garlic

Previous Next A sweetish taste Black garlic is a variety of common white or red garlic that has undergone a slow fermentation process. Black garlic is one of those ingredients that provide enormous benefits to one’s organism, as well as having an exquisite taste. It has a subtle, sweetish nuance, similar to licorice. We recommend… …

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Purple Garlic

Previous Next A mildly spicy taste and supremely healthy Red garlic is unique due to its outer membrane and the reddish colour of its cloves. With its intense taste and character, it forms an integral part of many Mediterranean dishes. We recommend… SPICY CHICKEN BAO WITH PURPLE GARLIC Intense taste with character. Perfect for full-flavoured …

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White Garlic

Previous Next A mild taste with a distinctive aroma White garlic is reassuringly traditional. Its fleshy cloves, releasing a persistent aroma, nevertheless have a mild, less intense taste. An essential ingredient in our cuisine. We recommend… WASABI AND WHITE GARLIC AIOLI Mild taste with a persistent aroma. Perfect when finely minced in onion sauces, chopped …

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