The Natural Sweeties Way

We are a young dynamic team built with people from different nationalities who combine the experience with the new market trends. We are used to working as a team even if we are thousands of kilometres away and we are 100% engaged with the brand. An important part of the Natural Sweeties’ activity is interpreting the consumption of the basic products in a sociocultural context, verifying stablished schemes, and proposing new solutions adapted to the requirements of nowadays. Right in the centre of our system there are the consumers and their needs.


We go where machines don’t. Our job and our previous generations’ have always been linked to the basic food basket, essentials for the most basic recipes.

Such natural product like ours needs to be understood. Therefore it is important to touch it, smell it, taste it, and savour it.

Our eyes and hands add the final touches and craftly perfect a completely natural product. Our eyes and hands also craftly complete and perfect the solution to a natural product. Our intervention is not limited only to the exterior, such as appearance and colour, but also, we safeguard important characteristics of the product such as its flavour.


Only a net separates our product from what you can see. Here at Natural Sweeties, we work our product from the field. What we harvest and collect is what you can see in our containers, in stores and at restaurants, we love presenting things as they are. We don’t change them, and we don’t hide them.

We are aware that not everything that comes out of the land is always the same. Each batch is different. Climate conditions may vary. However, we strive to choose the best raw material and make the best selection. Even though we know there are easier ways of producing pineapples, onions, garlics, and watermelons, we don’t do just that. We make Natural Sweeties.


At Natural Sweeties we have joined all our experiences and know-how-to. Our main goal, is to offer constant quality regardless of the time of the year.


Immerse yourself in the lushness of our projects where the tropical freshness meets innovation. Discover how we turn ideas into reality. Get ready to be surprised!