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Our fields.
Tradition and technology

We work the pineapple in the best place in the world.

Our pineapple production is located in Costa Rica. These lands offer us conditions and a climate that cannot be found anywhere else. The taste, colour, sweetness and shelf life of our pineapples are different from others.
We care for them and cultivate them in a sustainable way, protecting the livelihoods of many households now and in the future. We respect and protect the presence of animals in the environment, taking care of even the smallest detail.

The work we do in the field is a constant search for improvement, combining technology with craftsmanship to achieve the highest standard of quality. Our land offers us the opportunity to innovate in order to achieve that very different taste and that imperceptible acidity.

The sweet taste of our pineapple is the result of many years of hard work and know-how. We are a large family of professionals dedicated to making the best of ourselves day after day to improve our impact on society.

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